Are there any negative side effects of using a service like Uptime Robot?


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From a hosting perspective, are they any negative side effects of using an uptime monitoring service like Uptime Robot?  I assume the server should be able to handle it; but, anecdotally, it would just seem like a bad idea to have someone sitting there hitting refresh every 5 minutes!  I'd love to get a "professional" opinion.  

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We have countless customer websites being monitored through services like Uptime Robot / Pingdom / StatusCake on our network and I've never once seen a complaint involving a performance issue as a result of the monitoring. Most of those services will let you choose how you monitor the site, whether it's through ICMP (ping), checking a specific URL (, a specific port, etc.

I would be incredibly surprised if you setup an HTML page for monitoring and ended up seeing some performance degradation.

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> Setup a page for monitoring

To minimize any performance hit, you can have a special page anywhere in your site which is of minimal size.
0 size might cause some problems, but anything else should work ok.
Or, if you already have a very small page (or even a small image), you could use that.

An advantage of that is that if you are doing any sort of accesslog viewing or analysis you can ignore
fetches of the monitoring page so you are only looking at "real" traffic.

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