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    Opinion on Site Traffic on Shared Hosting

    I know this question is a bit general and you probably can't give an absolute answer. But as a general ball park recommendation... If someone has an average small business website - say 6 pages, built on WordPress. In terms of monthly visitors, what kind of traffic is shared hosting (let's say the "Professional" tier plan you offer) intended to handle? At what point would it be worth while to really consider an upgrade to one of you higher plans? Just trying to plan ahead, and thought it would be helpful to get an "expert" opinion on how to look at this! Thanks!
  2. From a hosting perspective, are they any negative side effects of using an uptime monitoring service like Uptime Robot? I assume the server should be able to handle it; but, anecdotally, it would just seem like a bad idea to have someone sitting there hitting refresh every 5 minutes! I'd love to get a "professional" opinion.
  3. PersonalWeb.Solutions

    Questions About Hosting Specs & Features

    Good Evening, I'm looking at shifting away traditional web design and moving more toward WordPress centric design. Doing that has started me researching a lot of items and thinking through how I design websites. I specifically have been looking heavily at CloudFlare and have some related questions about compatibility with your Reseller hosting service. (I do realize that reseller accounts do not have CloudFlare integrated into cPanel, but honestly I prefer to have them separated anyway.) 1.) Are reseller accounts compatible with CloudFlare's DNSSEC? 2.) Are the reseller accounts compatible with SPDY and HTTP/2? 3.) Do resller accounts support Railgun through CloudFlare? 4.) Can I install a Let's Encrypt SSL certificates on both a primary domain and a subdomains? (With this question, I am specifically thinking about if I can serve Wordpress media files off of a subdomain to speed up the site without running into mixed content errors.) Thanks for your time and help! You guys are truly awesome! I hope it's okay to ask these several questions in one post - I just thought it would be less work for you guys to answer them in one place rather than several posits. Feel free to offer any other suggestions or unsolicited advice if my questions prompt any such thoughts. Thanks!
  4. PersonalWeb.Solutions

    Using Let's Encrypt for Cpanel or Webmail

    Is it possible to use Let's Encrypt to provide a secure login for or ? I could see having those two logins encrypted as being very useful! Thanks, Dave
  5. PersonalWeb.Solutions

    Can you define "SSD Powered" ?

    Hello, I noticed that the server specs on your plans state that they are "SSD Powered". Can you more clearly define what that means? Are all storage drives SSD or just an SSD cache, etc? Also, does this same definition apply to both shared, reseller, semi-dedicated, etc or are their differences between each? Thank you!