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If you go to and enter something in the box where it says "What can we help you with?"

it returns some Knowledgebase results.



If you do the same thing on

the box there says "Have a question? Start here".


If you enter something there, it simply returns the same 'results' that were there originally.

No matter what you put, you get the same 7 articles.

  • Do you support Zend Framework?
  • How can I change the timezone using PHP/.htaccess?
  • How do I enable/disable ID protection?
  • How do I log into SSH (shared / web hosting)?
  • How do I use PHP 5.2 on my hosting account?
  • How do I use PHP 5.5 on my hosting account?
  • What are entry processes / concurrent connections?


Furthermore, the white boxes there which lead to different sections of the Knowledgebase

are done in a way that wastes screen space in a spectacular fashion.


They are at least twice as big as they need to be, and only go 3 across, when 5 would fit easily.

Hence, there are 5 (rather fat) rows instead of the 2 that would suffice.


If it's any consolation, Cpanel and their Paper Lantern abomination do the same thing with their icon links.


Neither of these things is of great consequence, but I thought I'd suggest improving them here on the forum.


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The search from Kayako (which both the client area and support area uses) is abysmal. Unfortunately we can't do much a bout that.


Regarding the styling on the client area KB link - it is goofed that's for certain. I'll see if I can get the spacing issues resolved.

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> The search issue with our client area is fixed where it would not return any results or the same results every time.  It should provide the same results does


Indeed it now does.


It's nice to work with a company that takes enough pride in its products

to make necessary (and sometimes not necessary, but useful) repairs.

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