OpenERP - any experience?


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It will not run on our servers or even on a VPS as it requires windows:

The server installation works on:

  • Windows 2000

  • Windows XP

  • Windows Vista

  • Windows Server 2000

  • Windows Server 2003

  • Windows Server 2008

with disks formatted in NTFS (not a FAT or FAT32 partition).

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Thanks for the reply Tony. Maybe we're talking about 2 different things? I'm referring to this:

It installs on linux machines, currently uses the postgres database (although mysql support is in test), etc. Installation details are here:

It appears to require a whole bunch of python libraries.

Although I'm guessing from your response, the simple answer would be, "Nope, never tried it" :D

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  • 3 months later...

Just came across this, and I'd be curious as well. I've been running OpenERP locally on an Ubuntu Server for some time, but am looking to move this into a hosted environment if I can.

If it's of any help, Ubuntu does now have OpenERP Server (and OpenERP client) in it's package repositories, so couldn't it just potentially be a matter of using those packages to at least get it installed, then simply apply the updates to the latest version?

I'm not currently using Hawk Host (currently everything is hosted locally), but am very interested in moving to them. And while the OpenERP question doesn't make/break the decision, it would definitely be a 'nice to have' for my needs. But like you asked, would this need to fall under the shared hosting or the VPS model? Or neither? (which is fine too).

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Also just found that HawkHost uses CentOS as the server operating system. Not a problem at all, but just didn't want to confuse anyone with the Ubuntu comment in my prior post.

Like I still looking around/checking out HawkHost. But am very impressed with what I'm finding so far, and many of the posts in the forums have helped point me in the direction I think I need. Looks like the Reseller Hosting may be a starting point for me since migrating websites/mail servers is a higher priority than migrating OpenERP.

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