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  1. I just had an interesting chat with hostgator. They told me that with their shared hosting, there's a process limit of 25. So if you have enough simultaneous users on your site (some email, perhaps an ftp, a whole bunch of web accesses) to result in 25 simultaneous processes on the server for your account, the 26th process won't load - that user won't see the website. I can see it as a simple way of limiting usage for shared hosting, but it's also kind of ugly. A "this website cannot be displayed" kind of error is pretty harsh for a user. Anyway, it made me wonder how hawkhost handles this. Do you have a process limit? Do you just monitor it, and inform the client if they're consistently getting up there in usage? What's the magic trick to keep things under control? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply Tony. Maybe we're talking about 2 different things? I'm referring to this: It installs on linux machines, currently uses the postgres database (although mysql support is in test), etc. Installation details are here: It appears to require a whole bunch of python libraries. Although I'm guessing from your response, the simple answer would be, "Nope, never tried it"
  3. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has had any experience installing OpenERP here on hawkhost? Is it something that can be done with shared hosting, or does it need a VPS? Thanks.
  4. Oh Tony, you beat me by seconds! I was just about to answer my own post by saying I discovered it in cpanel. Thanks! PS: Do you ever sleep?
  5. Does anyone know how to set up an "I'm on vacation" autoreply email in Horde? I've been hunting around in the menus and can't find a way to do it. I know it's possible (google said so, so it must be true ). Thanks!
  6. That's good advice, and it's the same reason I was reading the docs & forums on the Joomla site. In the end I decided Joomla was too complex for what I wanted to do & for my skill level. Eventually I chose CMS Made Simple, ported my site over to it, and I'm actually quite happy. It was a pretty good experience.
  7. The bug of interest here is Gumblar. If you haven't already read this, it's pretty interesting: It's quite the multi-talented thing. Regarding your comment, if a customer gave you files on a USB key, and you gave them back their USB key with a virus on it, would you lose that customer? Would that (ex)customer also tell others? Seems to me that would be reason enough to pay for a subscription to sophos or avg.
  8. That was the other thing I noticed. On those forums, it seemed the majority of affected people had a trojan on their PC which was stealing their FTP info. Then another (compromised) machine, or even their own compromised PC, would use this FTP logon to grab their source files, edit them, and put the edited files back on the server. So then the people would see their server files, their website, was corrupted, so they'd do a restore from a backup & change their FTP password. And the very next day their site would be corrupted again! Some of them got very very frustrated. Who can blame them. Finally they'd work out they had this trojan on their PC. They'd get rid of the trojan, change their FTP password again, restore their site from a backup again, and life would return to normal. Sounds unpleasant to me - be a good thing to avoid.
  9. Hmm, that makes sense. I know that when I run the AVG scanner on my PC, it certainly bogs it down, so I can only imagine if you had multiple people doing something similar on one of your servers simultaneously.
  10. This question may be a little disjointed, so please bear with me, because I'm not 100% sure what I'm talking about... I've been thinking of installing Joomla and so I was reading the Joomla forums, specifically their security forum. There are a lot of posts there along the lines of, "My site's been hacked, please help!". Reading those posts, it seems that "evil hacker code" is being added to their PHP and/or HTML files, along with iframes. Several folks talked about their experiences with detecting & repairing such attacks. Several talked about running a virus scanner from cPanel on their website, which helped identify the modified files. Like in this post: Does the HH cPanel have this kind of ability? Thanks.
  11. Thanks very much Cody! I'll give it a try.
  12. Tony, in your blog you have code that's nicely formatted, embedded in the blog. Like in this posting: How do you do that? Do you have a specific plugin for wordpress that does that? What's the magical secret? Thanks!
  13. It's pretty funny hey? It's totally 100% real, nothing made up or anything. I spoke or emailed with a total of 4 different "tech support" people at GoDaddy as they shuffled me around; they were all equally clueless. It amazes me that a company can continue to function with that level of skill-set of their employees. It also surprises me just how much they've slipped in the 4 or 5 years since I started using them. I'm quite happy to have moved. I'm even happier that it was a relatively easy move - no horror stories of lost data or anything like that.
  14. Well, Tony has asked for "good" stories about hawkhost. So I posted on my blog my experiences with godaddy & my switching to HH. Read if you're in the mood for some foolishness. Frank.