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How does one setup a node.js server when not running ghost? I didn't see anything in cpanel for node.js. Where does one run the commands to start listeners on a url?


You're going to need to compile node.js or use binaries then start it up yourself via SSH.  You could also utilize the node.js used by Softaculous's Ghost then run your own from there.


It's unfortunately not the best setup but cPanel doesn't have official support so you work with what you got.

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Firstly, I would like to apologize for bumping such an old thread.  I was just wondering if Node is still installable? I noticed softacious was an option above, however ghost is not in softacious. So I was wondering if it's still possible to install ghost? 



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5 hours ago, Brian said:

Good morning! Node is still available as well as ghost through Softaculous. Some servers may not show ghost as available for install by default but if you contact our support team via ticket or you mention your server name here( I can get that enabled for you :)

Oh, that's fantastic!  I'm currently on the dal107 server. 

Thanks for the quick reply!! 

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