lxlabs owner dies :(


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Well from what i read http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Bangalore/Techie-hangs-himself-in-HSR-Layout-/articleshow/4633101.cms it looks like the owner of lxlabs has killed him self very sad indeed. so looks like hypervm mite not be developed no more. so what do you think will happen to all the vps hosting company's out there..

People will likely fall back onto other frontends do XEN/OpenVZ or will eventually develop their own solutions, much like we are :)

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Okay cool i did end up seeing that there is anther panel been made by http://www.solusvm.com i am sure a lot of vps company's that do not want to make there own will most likely use that.

Just a bunch of screen shots who knows if it actually does what it says it does :)

So we'll see we're maybe a week away from having our own panel ready which will have support for multiple servers and the majority of the functionality built into HyperVM. Rapid application development at it's finest :)

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