Paid since 10 hours and account still not activated

Raspal Seni

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I've already paid for the shared hosting account 10 hours ago, Have got the invoice, order confirmation and payment receipt e-mails but not the account details e-mail yet.


Support told me this when contacted:


Your account status is Pending. You will get a 'Hosting Account Welcome E-mail' once its setup which will contain all the necessary information about Nameservers, login credentials to access cPanel etc. Please wait for it.




The support guy also said that this will need to be escalated to billing and he did that as the e-mail said. But still no response from billing or even support. I also had another query with support, about moving from another host.


Your FAQ about how long it takes for account setup, says it takes much lesser than one hour. Please change the answer to that FAQ question since that's not the correct answer.



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Thanks for the reply, Tony. Had forgotten that your workload must have increased due to the BF deal. Thanks for replying. Have got the e-mail just now. Hope to get replies from support soon.



Support should have been speedy was more just delays with the sales/billing aspect.

Just to add I got my welcome email yestarday evening too

Yep and any other accounts since then have been setup as well. We eventually caught up with the rush and were getting orders out every 15 minutes on actual Black Friday. The word spread quickly the coupons worked early.

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