is 25% cpu usage high?


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I know its not good if my wordpress site has too high a cpu usage consistently. but I don't know what's a good or bad number.


I have a wordpress site and right now i have a free theme template that i downloaded and am still editing and only 6 blog posts of my art blog (every post has at least one image sometimes 5). I haven't announced my new site so I think I must be the only one accessing it right now. but yet on my c panel it shows 25% for cpu usage. and 0% bandwidth. 


I'm not sure if thats good or bad and If its a sign that the template i have chosen is too power hungry or if my images need to be smaller? they are 300x300 i think, as thats what the ipad app set them at on my old blog. 


also I seem to have three plugins on my wordpress account but only one i added and activated.  if the other two are not activated do they count towards cpu and disk usage? I don't know why the other two are there. one of which I don't even get the point of.



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You have nothing to worry about. 25% is not high but the main thing you should look at is if your site hits 100% and how often. It is normal for CPU usage to fluctuate depending on traffic and even if you do hit 100% on an occasion, it might have only been for less than a second.  If you hit 100% often then you need to start to worry but you are probably far away from that. 


Inactive plugins still count towards disk space usage as they are still on the server but they shouldn't affect CPU usage if they are not active.


Hope this answers everything

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It would be 25% of your CPU allocation so there is nothing to worry about as serving a request does take CPU time. It takes 25% of your allocation to serve one request so you could serve 4 requests a second roughly before you've hit your allocation. That would be 240 pageviews in a minute, 14,400 in an hour and 345,600 in a day. It works out to being a lot of traffic when you start breaking it down. That also assumes it takes a whole second to serve a request which is probably not true either.

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