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I've noticed a trend where I've been getting very poor support over perhaps the latter half of my time as a customer here.


What usually happens is I get a bunch of unecessary qualification questions, and as soon as I comply about half of my tickets end up being ignored.


This has been going on for a long time, and I just don't have the time to manage the expiration date of all these tickets just so I can keep them alive.


What's the issue here?




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Hey Daniel,


Do you have any ticket IDs where the support was not what you were expecting? There should be no reason a ticket is being ignored, and if that is true I want to address the problem.


As far as keeping a ticket alive, I assume you're referring to the notification emails our system sends about a ticket auto-closing. This is done to keep our helpdesk clean so we're not cluttered up with stale issues / waiting on a customer reply. A ticket is never deleted or removed though, so you can re-open an issue at any time. Simply reply to the last email from the relevant ticket or login to https://support.hawkhost.com and you'll see your history + have an option to re-open any ticket(s).

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