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It's probably been said before, but I would like to see the Live Chat work when you have issues. I've been on other hosts who had it and it was great. Not that I'm being negative about HH. I just think people like talking to a person. It's just better customer service. Just saying...


Also, thanks to HH for getting some new fixes in. My website is working better now than it ever has.


One current issue: my email account is not working. I submitted a ticket, but can't hear back from anyone because it doesn't work, lol

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You should be able to reach us during our regular hours on chat (10AM-6PM EST) but if we're away or no one is there (and as I'm sure you've noticed) our helpdesk is there 24/7 so it's always an option. I agree with you though, chat availability should be more prevalent.


If you PM me your ticket ID I can check the status, though you can always login directly ( to view your ticket history.

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Whenever I look, the chat function is always closed for "Support". Rarely I see that "Billing" and "Sales" are open, but whenever I try to initialize a conversation it says that nobody is online and prompts me to send an e-mail through the form.


Is this a confirmed issue?

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