Physical Memory at almost 1gig


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does anyone know what the physical memory represents..


I am new to hawkhost, I moved my primary sites after a debarkle with another host (I should say ongoing debarkle), 4 years with my last host and no loyalty, one mishap out of my control and they turned into aliens.


After which I am watching everything very closely right now to ensure that everything is as it should be.. Meaning I need to ensure that none of my blogs are causing problems for hawkhost (which means I end up with a problem)..


I see that for the last four hours my cpu usage has been under 25% (most likely average 3%)

The Virtual Memory is the same under 256  (more likely around 50)


But the Physical Memory is peaking, and has remained high for over 4 hours... I am talking almost at the top.. the average has been 768 and as high as almost 1g..


does anyone know what that represents, and if this is something directly caused by me, or is that related to people using the sites..





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Hi Tracey :) -- this is mostly an informational statistic, your account *should not* be limited even if you exceed that memory limit. Now things like CPU usage and PHP processes/entry processes are tracked and if you hit 100% CPU your site would be throttled, but this absolutely should not happen with memory.


If you notice issues though please let us know via support ticket ( and we'll take care of this immediately. Also, if you'd like, submit a ticket and reference this forum post (please also ask for the ticket to be assigned to myself, Brian) and I'll take a few minutes to review your account and make any suggestions or let you know where you're at.


Hope this helps! :)

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