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Hello, since by emails it never ends, may as well try it here.


My problem is that I can't connect to the support panel using the SAME credentials as the website. I can connect to the Website but not the support panel. I've tried lost password reset and it's the same error that I get.




If I enter the wrong password, it tells me "Invalid Username or Password" so I have the right one, since I obviously reseted it anyway.


It's been a while that I'm having this problem and got no solution to it. I guess you can look for those tickets:

Ticket ID: VRI-514-30543

Ticket ID: RWI-941-80556


I don't know if you can see my answers because I can't access the panel myself, but anyway.


I'd be glad if you guys could finally let me log in.

I guess you can find my account details in those tickets, else I'll PM any offical staff for what's required.


Thank you.

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I see your ticket history and also have notes on the problem, though I'm not sure we ever found a definite answer. For what it's worth, it appears to be a bug/issue stemming from either Kayako or the login sharing so it isn't as simple as a password mismatch.


I'll send you a follow up email through your existing ticket (RWI-941-80556) and we can communicate via email through there until we're able to get this figured out.

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They are only the users that reported it. I too lost access to my support account. Even after resetting my password many times I couldn't login with the new password I set.  I also know someone else who had the same problem and contacted HH and it took a while to get solved so I didn't bother and now have a new account to send tickets.

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There are two separate issues at play here. The one OP is referring to is a unique issue which is different than almost all the reported issues we've seen.


The more common issue is the fact that the credentials issued by the helpdesk, even if you reset them through our helpdesk, are not valid. All logins are derived from the client area so you need to use to regain access if you lost it. In nearly all cases once we let customers know to use the client area credentials for both their client area and helpdesk, it fixes the issue. The problem OP is reporting is different than this, and provides a random error when logging in instead of the basic 'Login Failed' we normally see.

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