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Previously I ordered a hosting package and I needed a refund because I accidentally purchased the 3 month plan. But in the Support, they said it was necessary to provide a copy of government ID as verification. But Brian came in and helped me.

^^I thought they needed the verification because of the refund.

I then chose to purchase a hosting package again (this time never thought to do refund) but in the support they said they can't activate the hosting as it was necessary to provide a copy of government ID as verification.

**what the? I never knew this was a requirement. I never read this anywhere. If this is so, I need a refund. Sorry Brian for troubling you twice, but I thought that was required only upon refund.

Brian, please help?

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This isn't an official answer but I would imagine they need this evidence in cases where an order is flagged as possibly being fraudulent or if an order comes from a high risk country. They need to do this to protect themselves.

I am sure Brian will help you out soon.

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The best way for this to be handled is via ticket. Typically though it's one of the following reasons:

1) High risk country

2) Multiple credit card declines

3) Distance from billing address is a significant amount away from actual location order was placed from

4) The name on the paypal account does not match the information we were given

Every day we deal with fraudulent orders and to protect ourselves as well as our customers from time to time we'll need to ask for further information.

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