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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok, my account was just activated! However I'm still waiting for the dedicated IP request response from the billing support team..

I pulled up what I believe is your ticket history and it looks like we replied to your IP request, so if you still have an unanswered ticket or need help with something let me know.

New Account Information writes: "Shared/Dedicated IP: Refer to your control panel" but cannot find anything referring to that from there.

When you login to cPanel, on the left side there is a column of stats (disk space, bandwidth, login history, etc). If you click 'Expand Stats' it'll drop down with more info and in that dropdown is the IP address your site is hosted on.

Thank you for signing up with us, and please don't hesitate to contact us if anything else comes up! :)

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just got my account activated but i have a problem with my account as i am unable to look for my old friend list as it is invisible i wanted to know is this list deleted and now will i have to create a new friend list or there is any error with my account????

This sounds like something we'd need to look at in a support ticket as I'm really not sure what you're referring to or what account yours is :) -- please submit a ticket at if you haven't already with more details about this issue, how we can replicate it, etc.

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i just applied for activating my account and wanted to know what type will it take to get activated and when can i start accesing my account

I think everyone has seen enough of your bot antics. I've decided to finally ban your account so you no longer confuse users.

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