Suggestion... Implement C-Class IP Blocks !


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True... but it's just a solution to back in the market, isn't it all about competition xD

( Or you can request a valid Justification for C-Class IP with different rules from HawkHost TOS that suites your upstream )

Like DMCA Policy etc.

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I'm wondering, how did seoh* got this 5 C Class IPs 5 GB 50 GB $19.95

( Per Month )

It's a dedicated IP.

How you guys can't ?

Cmon, competition ? bigger league is coming

If only it were that simple. Unless you have the IPv4 space currently you're really not going to be able to do what they're doing. If you haven't read about IPv4 exhaustion I suggest you read up as soon it's going to start really mattering to even users in North America. At which point ARIN is probably not going to look kindly to a provider with 5000 customers for example having 25,000 IP addresses and not properly documenting or justifying the usage.

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Ah... well yes i really don't get about that part, it's a hosting company issues and i'm not going in that sector yet.

But i've subscribe on one of the C-Class, it's occasionally down 2-3 hours a day.

But there's another C-Class host by HostGator, the world known host, how could they resolve the issues which you are saying then ?

I think they've come up with some plan or something... Or maybe ARIN is married to C-Class Hosting ! Which means corruption...

Anyway look at my signature, what else i didn't do for Hawk here huh ?!

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