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I am currently with Dreamhost, but want to finally escape. I've read a lot of reviews and HH seems to be very highly rated, but before making the move I wanted to know about migration.

Unfortunately, Dreamhost doesn't use CPanel. It seems to be their own custom panel, so I'm guessing I can't just import my backup into HH's CPanel. Any advice on easing the pain of migration?


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We can assist with a dreamhost migration but understand it's not going to be near as smooth as moving from a host running cPanel. We'll try our best to get all the data in the right spots and set everything back up as far as databases. It will however require you to also test and make sure everything is working and understand we don't know your sites. That means it could take 24 hours for us to complete such a migration and possibly some time for you to test and if there are any issues point them out so we can attempt to correct them.

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