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  1. * dances all over your profile * Busy?

  2. Noticed

    Domain Registrations Changes (Good ones!)

    Wow finally a host that doesn't charge $15.00 for registrations .
  3. Noticed

    Re: setting up my account

    Have you opened a sales ticket with the HawkHost sales team yet? You can do that via and they should get back with you soon!
  4. Noticed

    help guide..

    You might want to ask the HawkHost support dept. on advice on doing this. You can reach them via
  5. Noticed

    FREE website design!

    Shoot me a PM with more details on what you're wanting done like the details and maybe an idea of what you'd want it to look like also I can extend the date.
  6. Noticed

    Our newest plans and services

    Yeah I do kinda see what you're saying how they said it is "Semi-dedicated" when Semi Dedicated is like a hybrid VPS, it'd be like someone calling shared hosting a reseller I guess they just picked a weird name for it
  7. Noticed

    Blog post ideas?

    Not to advertise other companies but's blog is amazing IMO and it would be good if you guys could post random programs that web masters could use and talk about them, and a lot of what's going on with HawkHost!
  8. Noticed

    Our newest plans and services

    It's shared hosting on steroids! It's for people that have need more requirements than what basic shared hosting offers but they aren't ready to upgrade to a VPS yet... Basically in-between. (correct me if i'm wrong HawkHost)
  9. Noticed

    Upgrade cPanel (Please)

    I'm glad, a lot of hosting providers will update the same day and make all of their clients experience issues and it's not fun!
  10. Noticed

    Our newest plans and services

    Replied, waiting on a reply from you!
  11. Noticed

    Our newest plans and services

    Off topic, however any chance of HawkHost giving away shirts or selling them to clients? I need a HawkHost shirt, i'd like to advertise all around my city for you guys!
  12. Noticed

    Our newest plans and services

    Oh okay, I see what you're saying. Like basically it'd be smarter for them just too buy a VPS I'm guessing is what you're saying?
  13. Noticed

    Our newest plans and services

    No... WHM, like being a semi-dedicated reseller so they can have more resources not WHMCS...
  14. Noticed

    Our newest plans and services

    Any chance of adding a "WHM Addon" for say $10-15 more a month on these? I have to admit when I first saw semi dedicated I thought about the VPS semi dedicated, get's kinda confusing but now I know .
  15. Noticed

    Help with URL

    The OP asked if they could re-direct it though, they don't want it in the root directory.