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#what's wrong?# That's the question on my mind. I just installed the new wordpress, and cpu usage to be like this (see attch).

There is no plugin and visitors when I make a screen shot.

please help :(

Now, when I visit a page or just to refresh it, the cpu usage up to 25%. Imagine if my site visit by just ten visitors , how much increasing in cpu usage? :wacko:

really makes me confused :(

See attch *


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I have same problem, since I sign up with Hawkhost my CPU usage increase up to 100%. Althouhg my visitor on Hawkhost just under 200 per day.

I had at Hawkhost since Aug 17.

Try imagine if my visitor get normal, about 1000 - 3000 per day, maybe I will be suspened. Sure this is make me confiused, what wrong with this?





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Personally, I don't take much notice of the CPU usage graphs. Reason being (in my experience) is that over the course of an hour it does hit 100% occasionally during the space of that hour however it may have only hit 100% once during that hour for a second or 2 (from my understanding) so doesn't cause any noticeable issues. Recently we had severe issue with speed of our site where the site would be slow for hours at a time on a daily basis taking sometimes more then 30 seconds to load. Usually this used to happen when our site wasn't at the busiest. After many support tickets, vague and unhelpful replies and support staff saying it was down to us hitting 100% of our CPU allowance, it seems that us hitting 100% was not the cause... especially when we were not hitting 100% during the periods of slowness. While support were saying it was the case, i could see the server load getting high and memory usage of the server doubling when we faced these issues. All of a sudden after our site was down for hours one evening, the problem was fixed and we haven't seen any slowness on the site since. For that reason I don't feel that hitting these limits are too big of a problem unless you hit the limits often and I do feel that support can be too quick to assume that is the cause of an issue while there is a bigger problem.

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I've looked at the 100% peaks on our sites. What I've found is they are often associated with a search engine crawling the site and making hundreds of requests very quickly.

I've resolved this, and reduced the number of times I see 100% usage on the graph, by specifying a crawl rate in robots.txt:

User-agent: *

Crawl-delay: 2

I've also banned crawl engines that don't honor crawl-delay using robots.txt and/or .htaccess.

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mine one too. I remembered trying to use shortcodes pop up then deleting them because the next day my site went slow. Now, I had finished editing after switching to a new theme but the site is still slow. I did not did that on purpose. I just want to make sure my site appear OK. I don't know what can I do to remove the limit. I want to renew the hosting for 1 more year.

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