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  1. My ticket ID is #XRH-258-79437 and #KCG-212-34809.
  2. I had replied and you did not reply yet you say you reply to the ticket. Please reply to the ticket.
  3. I had waited for so long yet not a reply to the ticket. What has happen?
  4. Someone had gained entrance into my cpanel, and changed the password. Now, I cannot login anymore. Please ban the user who is trying to gain entrance into my cpanel and change the password and email it to me.
  5. I think Hawkhost is hacked. The guy above was reported as abuse, same as me, while I did not know it. It must have been around the same time and I did not know that my cpanel password was hacked until today because i never login. How dangerous? Please take note of this issue and resolved this. I had replied to the ticket. Please reply.
  6. It appears that you have mistakenly disable my account. You should track the IP of the person who did this. I did not login into my cpanel for a long time and did not even know about it. Just found out I could not even login into my cpanel. Someone had stolen my cpanel password and login and created so many email accounts. I did not even know about that until today! I had replied via the ticket. They always say that Hawkhost is a cheap hosting and no good cause hackers can easily hack. I had been hacked so many times when I was using Hawkhost and not finally my account is disabled???? I wonder what they say is true.
  7. I did not even know that! Now, I know someone had stolen my Cpanel password and login to create so many email address. I had replied to the ticket. Please help me as I am innocent.
  8. I did not created those email accounts. I did not even know about it until I saw this automated support ticket you forwarded to me.
  9. I just checked the message and now I understand why you say I have many email. These two emails, <email redacted>, and <email redacted> are not created by me and I don't know who created that account on my hosting. I think your Hawkhost has been hacked and they managed to get me into trouble. I seldom check my email or login into cpanel and don't know what is happening. Now, I suddenly realized that hackers had managed to get into my cpanel and create email accounts, which I don't know about. I only created two email and that is <email redacted> and <email redacted>. These emails are also not mine [redacted list] Administrator note: I'm redacting the full emails here so they aren't publicly viewable. -Brian
  10. I did not do anything with my account and I don't know what you are saying. If you say numerous email account, can you tell me which email account. I know on Hawkhost, I have an email account and it is
  11. What you mean my numerous email accounts? I pasted the text to let you know that a scammer falsely reported me. I would like to know what is wrong with my account. I did not send any spam from my account. I know I seldom access my blog at and I did get a lot of spam comments. I did not delete the spam comments because everytime I try to empty them all at once, it redirect me to an error page. I think a competitor is trying to report me and get me into trouble. Please resolved this issue and reply.
  13. Brian, you must be ignorant and saying this without knowing that someone has acted as a fake person and maliciously reported my account. Please take a look at reported message on the Hawkhost ticket sent to you as abuse by the malicious person. I should have pay by month. I pay for the whole year and now this happen. I thought I wanted to update my website on Saturday and then I shared it on Facebook. Just see how many users on Hawkhost are already affected and you say it is normal. And now, this happen?
  14. I did get a lot of spam comments and I am using Wordpress. What should I do now to get back my account?
  15. It redirect me to When I click contact, it redirect me to, saying oops we couldn't find the page suspended. Reply???