Do you guys like IPB?


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I'll be honest in that I've not been an admin on a vBulletin forum in some time, so I can't speak to where they're at. I know when we made the switch a few years ago IPB was, in our opinion, leagues ahead in terms of features and usability (If memory serves, vBulletin costs were about to skyrocket too).

Perhaps vBulletin has similar functionality now but the theme creator of IPB is efficient and robust. You can modify just about anything with a visual editor they provide which is how we made our forum skin. They also have a spam plugin which links to a database of reported/known spammers which helps reduce the volume. As long as you stay on top of version upgrades (and aren't negligent with maintenance) it's a secure product.

For everything we need and do IPB simply works and we hardly scratch the surface of what the forum is capable of. If you have any other specific questions I can do my best to answer those :)

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Well since Internet Brands acquired Jelsoft, things have been going down hill.

Broken promises for 2.5 years now since the release of vB4.

Everything has been fail.

One of their original devs left them and created a superior forum product aka XenForo.

XenForo is new and it looks nice and flashy, but I think from editor point of view and familiarity IPB might bet he clear winner in this.

I run a heavy customized forum, and I think IPB might be a better option overall.

I really love how IPB runs so smooth on your forums :)

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I myself moved from vBulletin 3.8 to IPB and my members are immensely happy. IPB is just lightyears ahead of the competition and gets the job done, well. :D

I also have a xenforo license, i'm letting a friend use and to be honest. I myself aren't a fan. I have admin privileges on my friend's forum so I get to use the backend but in all honesty, I still find IPB to be more feature rich and just overall nicer to work with plus the design is much better IMO.

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