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On October 30th, 2011, I made the decision to renew my web hosting with Hawk Host. On November 5th, 2011, I renewed one of my domains with/through Hawk Host. As I sit here at my computer desk on November 26th, 2011, less than one month after these acts of renewal, I find myself debating with myself, as to whether I should remain a Hawk Host customer, going into the future.

At various intervals in the past, I have expounded upon some of my experiences with the company and its personnel, as denoted by the following reviews:


As I ponder the sum totality of my experience-to-date with Hawk Host and with numerous different representatives of the company over the span of time since I first became aware of the company's existence, particularly focusing upon my time as an actual customer of the company, I find myself wondering what lies at the nexus of why I am even considering, at all, changing web hosts.

Even now, I don't dislike Hawk Host. I don't hate the company. My experiences with the company to date remain predominately positive. I don't think that the company is a bad web hosting company. I don't have to rely solely upon my personal opinion, nor even upon my collective first-hand experience over a span of time. I also have numerous SiteUptime.Com monthly reports that constitute independent confirmation for me of what I already know to be true - that Hawk Host's web hosting is not just reliable, but consistently reliable.

So, knowing such to be the case, and having firmly persuaded myself that such is the case, why is my annoyance factor with the company at an all time high, such that less than one month after renewing web hosting and a domain with Hawk Host, I am even contemplating changing web hosts, at all?

In a purely statistical sense, whether I ultimately stay with Hawk Host or whether I transition to another web hosting company, the sum totality of what I pay for web hosting and the service that attends such is relatively infinitesimal. I am but a single person, one with a few hobby-type websites that generate no substantial cash flow for whatever web hosting company that I choose to do business with.

I have no beef with the equipment side of Hawk Host. The hardware aspect of the company's web hosting is a quality affair. I need no one to confirm this proposition to me. Suffice it for me to state that, where Hawk Host's servers are concerned, I am persuaded beyond any shadow of a doubt.

So, with such good things to say about the company, even still, why does this review seem more like a complaint than a compliment? Because, gentlemen of that great web hosting nest in the sky, I am annoyed. More important than whatever degree of annoyance that I feel, right now, what bothers me the most is not annoyance, per se. Rather, I think that the thing that bothers me the most, at this juncture in time, is that I just, plain feel disappointment towards and with your company.

No web hosting company is perfect, of course. That said and conceded up front, I have never viewed Hawk Host from the standpoint of perfection. Perfection is not the standard to which I hold any man nor any company.

I don't write any of this to try and get anyone at your company in trouble. I have no vested interest in anyone else being fired. Rather, I expound upon the dissatisfaction with Hawk Host that I feel, at present, because here-to-fore, dissatisfaction with Hawk Host is, for me, something that is totally alien to all that I have known, to date.

In a nutshell, gentlemen, it bothers me, and because it bothers me to the degree that it does, I pause long enough, today, to take a few moments of time out of my schedule to convey unto you Hawks the fact that I am dissatisfied. I am dissatisfied, because I am disappointed.

When I interact with Hawk Host as a company, I do so without being oblivious to the fact that real people, actual human beings, breathe life into the company's principles and are what give force to those very same principles. I do not confuse Tony Baird with Cody Robertson, nor do I confuse Gary Paul with Fabian Porter. Brian Farrell is Brian Farrell, his title of Operations Manager notwithstanding. In the same vein, gentlemen, my name is Charles, as my forum moniker here in this forum implies.

Suffice it for me to say that I do not like feeling like a number, all statistical data aside. Today, I feel just, exactly like a number.

I do not believe that the future of your company lies in making your customers feel like numbers.

Perhaps my recent experience is nothing more than a mere aberration.



Here-to-fore known as Charles

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Hawkhost is more of the "Home Depot" of web hosting, ultra reliable, fast performing stuff at a good price, but you've got to know how to do a lot of things yourself.

I think you'd fit more into a more handheld model of hosting, the "Saks Fifth Avenue" of hosts if you will. Either that or consider staying with Hawkhost but contracting with someone part time or full time to handle your needs, who is local and won't treat you like a'll get the best of both worlds that way.

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