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Recently, I had a domain name with GoDaddy and a web hosting package with HawkHost come up for renewal. I had intended to simply renew both, and it be an uneventful anniversary. But, sometimes things that are intended to be uneventful occasions end up being eventful, nonetheless.

I have a wonderful wife. I love my wife. My wife, however, has no appreciation for anything web hosting related. My wife did not grasp the importance of renewing the domain name and the web hosting service on the actual date that the renewals came due.

So, I allowed them both to expire. I also decided to try and find the silver lining in this particular cloud. I succeeded.

A week or so later, I renewed both. I renewed my domain name with GoDaddy by telephone, since their control panel is still this horrendously dial-up unfriendly monstrosity from the other side of Hell. I hate their control panel. I've always hated their control panel. I will likely always hate their control panel. It's a lot quicker to just renew by phone, where GoDaddy is concerned, than for me to wait until the dawn of the next Ice Age for their control panel to load on my end. That said, my overall experience with the telephone support aspect of GoDaddy has been fairly positive. Their detestable control panel is why I switched web hosting away from GoDaddy, and this most recent experience with it merely affirmed that I had made the right decision, previously, to switch to another web hosting company.

Where HawkHost is concerned, HawkHost sent me an invoice reminder, and three separate overdue notices, after I allowed the web hosting account with them to expire. Upon receiving that third overdue notice, which was stated as being the final billing notice, I decided to then renew my web hosting with HawkHost. I did so electronically, and it was a very smooth and flawless transition. I renewed just prior to leaving home for the day, and when I returned home that night, my site was back up and running just fine - as though it had never been gone in the first place.

I don't particularly recommend to anyone to allow their domain name and web hosting service to expire, no matter who you are hosting with, but this rather unplanned occasion ended up providing me with a golden opportunity to test an aspect of HawkHost's service that I otherwise would simply not have been in a position to try.

Did I even consider switching to another webhost? Oh, sure I did. I considered it, but as I pondered and considered it at length, I concluded that I didn't really have any beef or complaint with the service that I had received from HawkHost over the last year. It is reliable web hosting backed up by a reliable company, one populated by a competent and proficient crew. I don't have any regrets switching my web hosting service over to HawkHost last year.

Superb job, gentlemen!

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