Fastest way to copy a cPanel domain?


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To make major changes (theme/content/structure) to a Drupal website, I like to backup and restore the website to a new domain, make the changes and then repeat the backup/restore process to the original domain. This minimizes site "maintenance" time.

cPanel makes it easy to backup, but for the restore piece I extract the public_html directory and upload just those files. I've had problems restoring a cPanel backup to a new domain - Extracting just the public_html piece works best for me. Still, 500M sites with thousand of files can take a long time to restore.

With SSH, there were options to upload a tarball and extract it, or just rsync the public_html directories back and forth. Without SSH, the only option I'm aware of is painfully slow Filezilla uploads of thousands of files.

I'm aware Hawkhost offers SSH upon request, but I'd be requesting it pretty much on a weekly basis for temporary domains and that just seems like more hassle to me and Hawkhost staff than it's worth.

So I'm curious if I'm missing something? Is there an faster way to port a cPanel site from one domain to a temporary domain and then back to its original location than my multi-thousand file uploads?

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Reviving this old thread because I have exactly the same issue. I need to migrate directories of files and cannot find a shell SFTP/whatever client to do it. Until recently this worked (for a Worpdress directory):


1. ssh to reseller main account

2. cd temp

3. lftp [email protected]

4. mirror -R wp-content


I found out about LFTP from a Stack Exchange thread. But it is now gone from the HawkHost servers.


So the current state of affairs on resold accounts is:


* ssh: no, unless you open a ticket to request it

* rsync: no, requires ssh to accept connection

* scp: no, requires ssh to accept connection

* sftp: yes, but no command to copy a directory. Neither "get -r" nor "mget" work, as far as I can tell. Maybe write a perl script to get sftp to walk the tree?


Is there another shell tool to use?


I did a whereis on each ftp client here and found none at HH:



# ftpcopy

-bash: ftpcopy: command not found

# whereis ftpcopy



Same goes for ncftp, cftp, etc.


















The reseller account disables some features of WHM so

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I found out about LFTP from a Stack Exchange thread. But it is now gone from the HawkHost servers.


Due to some recent changes (namely rolling out CageFS) access to some system libs/utilities may have changed. They're still available we just need to add them into your cage. If you submit a support ticket and reference this thread we *should* (our sysadmins will clarify) be able to get you access again.

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