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  1. Our reseller server is changing IP's next week. Last time this happened the old IP continued to work fine for many weeks (we have domains hosted only via an A record). Do you expect the same thing this time?
  2. cPanel WHM has an option to not forward email that hits a SA threshhold. Does HawkHost have this option on? What score does it use? (In a Reseller WHM, the option is not visible.)
  3. Working now! To tell you the truth, I fogot secondary cPanel FTP accounts could have any encryption security, so this is a win. Filezilla making that setting the new default was the impetus.
  4. See also
  5. See also which also has FTPS not working.
  6. When I set up a second FTP account in cPanel the info is wrong, particularly in the Filezilla xml import file: 1. "user" instead of "user@domain.tld" 2. the xml file does not change this default Filezilla setting: "Use explicit FTP over TLS if available" Unfortunately, while FTP/TLS is connecting, it then times out getting the directory listing. So you have to change that setting to: "Only use plain FTP (insecure)"
  7. I'm a little worried about SpamExperts use of greylisting. Any way to search my WHM for accounts using it? The SpamExperts interface is tricky at best at the cPanel level. When you click SpamExpoerts and then "login" next to a domain, that enables it. Your MX records change and greylisting is turned on. To disable it, you go back to cPanel and click MX records and delete the records. The SpamExperts MX records look deceptively normal! SpamExperts off: 0 SpamExperts on: 10 20 30 Short of writing a script to check DNS on our 150 different domains, can I search for accounts and domains with SpamExperts enabled?
  8. Clarification from support: 1. The email limit on our shared hosting and Reseller account is 500 mails per hour. 2. Yes, it applies to both Mailman and SMTP. 3. It applies to your individual cPanel accounts and not Reseller as a whole.
  9. The kb is out of date?
  10. So I had an obscure .htaccess problem after HH switched from LSAPI vs. FactCgi recently and here is the fix: Apparently simple Redirects in .htaccess now work slightly differently, or HH changed the index.html/index.php/etc. priority. keywords: mod_alias, RedirectMatch, DirectoryIndex, index.html, index.php
  11. Most people will just do this via cPanel. Some confusing clicks but no editing.
  12. Thank you! My LFTP techinque is working again. Sorry about the weird formatting at the end of my post. This works, and answers the original question in this thread 1. ssh to reseller main account 2. cd temp [where you have the stuff to transfer out, wp-content] 3. lftp resold@resold.tld 4. mirror -R wp-content
  13. Reviving this old thread because I have exactly the same issue. I need to migrate directories of files and cannot find a shell SFTP/whatever client to do it. Until recently this worked (for a Worpdress directory): 1. ssh to reseller main account 2. cd temp 3. lftp resold@resold.tld 4. mirror -R wp-content I found out about LFTP from a Stack Exchange thread. But it is now gone from the HawkHost servers. So the current state of affairs on resold accounts is: * ssh: no, unless you open a ticket to request it * rsync: no, requires ssh to accept connection * scp: no, requires ssh to accept connection * sftp: yes, but no command to copy a directory. Neither "get -r" nor "mget" work, as far as I can tell. Maybe write a perl script to get sftp to walk the tree? Is there another shell tool to use? I did a whereis on each ftp client here and found none at HH: Example: # ftpcopy -bash: ftpcopy: command not found # whereis ftpcopy ftpcopy: Same goes for ncftp, cftp, etc. The reseller account disables some features of WHM so