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  1. lastofavari

    Good domain service

    So I was renewing my domain tonight and noticed, that instead of 13.95 I was charged 10.95, which supposedly meant only one thing: ID protection service is free again. I remember it was initialy free and then you had to pay a few bucks extra for it, but tonight it came back to the roots, and in a good way. Thanks for you're service, guys. It was especially nice, because I could renew it without sending emails to anyone. The option was available in the web interface itself. It would be even better to be able to renew a shared hosting plan just like this: without emails or support tickets Greetings from Belarus!
  2. lastofavari

    False antivirus alert

    Thanks for getting into it! Avast! antivirus is currently ok with it, although earlier (few months) it was falsely reporting too. I probably will try to built in shutdown feature directly into my tool.
  3. lastofavari

    False antivirus alert

    This is the original trojan notification, if it can help: > Hello, > > Our systems performed a routine malware/virus scan on your account and > unfortunately located infected/malicious files. We've automatically moved > the infected files(s) out of your public_html directory into a safe, > quarantined directory. Below is the file our scanners were able to locate: > > /home/lastofav/public_html/timebomblite/ > (quarantined to > /home/hawkinfected/cxsuser/lastofav/ > ClamAV detected virus = [Trojan.BAT.Shutdown-2] > > Accounts are commonly exploited through outdated software, compromised > cPanel/FTP login details, or vulnerable themes/plugins in your > applications. We suggest rotating your cPanel and FTP passwords immediately > in the event they were compromised. Instructions on how to reset your > cPanel password can be found at > > > If you would like more information regarding this infection, or are > looking for our assistance in cleaning up your account, please contact our > support team by either emailing or submitting a > ticket at >
  4. lastofavari

    False antivirus alert

    I've tried to upload zip archive on my website, powered by your shared hosting, but the file was deleted and I've got notification about trojan. I think, the problem is that your system overreacts to this cmd file in the archive: @echo off shutdown -s -f -t 10 -c "Shutting down..." and I don't think that standard console shutdown command is an any kind of trojan or virus. The first ticket I've submitted (SQK-184-66659) is still opened. It ends w/ this message: I've got no response since than after a week of waiting tried to resubmit it myself (VDW-527-93913), but still - no answer at all. Is there something that can be done to fix this issue? I've attached the original zip archive, that I've got a trouble with. (this is the program I wrote in VB .NET - just a little timer that can launch selected program or open a document on a time out)
  5. This script bellow runs well on my local machine, but on the hosting it's always "timed out": <?php ini_set( "display_errors", 0); $info[] = array('name' => 'SERVER', 'address' => 'IP', 'port' => 'PORT'); $ic = sizeof($info); $timeout = 3; while($ic--) echo (fsockopen("", 25565, $errno, $errstr, $timeout))? '<span style="color: blue; font-weight: bold;">ONLINE</span>' : '<span style="color: darkred; font-weight: bold;">OFFLINE</span>'; ?> Thanks!