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  1. Dear guy, i have new VPS by Windows and im using VMware to install Linux, i'm setup apache,mysql, php , ... that all ok, but i dont know how for new Linux "public" on Internet, my client give me static IP but i dont know how to install, let guide me , thank you
  2. Dear sir, i have stupid question about network server, i'm newbie Mikrotik solution and when im try start my service connect hotspot with Radius server, local (this server at mikirotik local network, it not "live" server), i'm want create just only Radius server remote authentication from public IP, how i can do that, thank you, i'm poor network knowledge , thank you for advise.
  3. Dear sir, I have problem when my site connect to, when i'm test at local it ok, but when i process in host have error appear connection timeout, please check help me
  4. Allrights, please check it , this is my server info
  5. Dear guy, i have problem in my cPanel, about 3 day ago cruntab still work but now all script i was created not found and now list crunjob clean, i cant add any command on list, this table not work, tell me why and check my hosting help me
  6. Hi guy, i have problem when run crunjob with my commands , in local im using yii and when run scrip like that in windows command : D:\xampp\htdocs\app> php console.php test index and command in console excuted, now in cPanel crunjob how i can setup for it run php ?