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Hi, i signed up for the advanced shared hosting in Febuary, for the first few months things were going great, speedy, no down time, thing were great and I was recommending hawkhost to everyone. Fast Forward to May 2010. Service has been very spotty, server response time is very slow, pages are loading slower and slower. I am running a simple wordpress blog with nothing special, nothing has changed since i signed up with hawkhost in Feb, so I can't blame a clutter wordpress blog. Yesterday morning at about 8:30AM I went on to the site and it kept timing out. this went on for a 15 mins or so of trying. My google analytics show no visitors form 3:00AM on so if is safe to say there was no response from the server form 3:00 am on. I called support and it told me no one was a available to take my call to please leave a message and someone would get back to me ASAP. Well 2 days have gone by and still no one called. The server was back up and running by 9:30AM the same day, but i had other questions that needed to be answered which i left in a detailed message. This is now the 2nd time I called and left a message and never received a call back from support.

I am hoping to get some answers as to why I never received a call back and why my site is becoming slower and slower.



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If you called about problems accessing your site and we linked it back to an issue with a machine than I imagine technicians were working on the issue instead. Then the issue was solved and if it was quite a ways later before someone was able to call back we'd avoid it. The reason being we don't know where you're from and if you include no information other than saying call me we'd rather not be waking someone up at 2am their time for example if we've solved the problem we believe the user was talking about.

I'm wondering now have you ever opened a support ticket on our site? We primarily do not deal with support issues over the phone and we refer people to open tickets anyways as we have no way of tracking things. For example you say there is a server problem and you've called 5 times. Well each person you potentially talk to has no idea about the issue because there is no record. If you had tickets opened technician could go back and say yeah you'd had this issues a few time we'll escalate it see what's going on here.

So basically what I'm saying here is I'd recommend opening a ticket at or emailing us.

One other note while not changing anything on your site there are ways you can make it much slower over time. If you have a blog and you're adding posts and have a poorly made plugin it maybe does not scale well and starts slowing down pages. Or you have a plugin it is connecting to something and it's slower thus the pages are slower. So when you have issues you really should open a support ticket. The server load could be low while the issue is specific to your site and we'd have no way of knowing this as we cannot possibly be checking everyones sites to make sure they're fast obviously. We just check the servers themselves.

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