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  1. 1. You need cluster based web hosting upgrade ?

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When you plan implement cluster based web hosting?

We're always looking at ways to improve our infrastructure which could mean cluster based web hosting, more powerful servers and improved datacenter infrastructure.

I need that, but honestly, don't want to order from another hosting provider.

Your services is really good and hope will be least the same on future.

You can give some estimate time, please?


For another people ( like me ) here are some info related to cluster hosting. On short words - 100% uptime.

Please vote on my poll.

You need cluster based web hosting upgrade ?

PS: I think that, cluster based web hosting, is the answer for my (stupid) question "the same website one two servers..."

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The problem is the software supporting it. Everyone wants us to use cPanel it is a single server system besides dns and mysql unless you become very creative. With MySQL though lots of things assume localhost including plugins for cPanel so we could not support using a separate MySQL server either. The other issue with MySQL is if we were to build a MySQL system we'd make it extremely powerful that it would make sense to have more than one servers on it. Right now though that would cause conflicts potentially with usernames so that is not possible either.

So basically what I am saying here is until cPanel supports it we cannot support it. Using another control panel software would be costly and there is only one out there HSphere which now is owned by a company not known for their customer service.

Also all of this does not take into account the user applications themselves. So PHP scripts that make assumptions about things that in a clustered environment may not work. A lot of people set mysql localhost but that may not be the case is an easy one to fix. There are others though like assumptions about disk writing, mysql keys (so incremental may go +2 each time or something due to the use of replication)

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