Considering move - is there a staging area?


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I don't know the ins and outs of Wordpress, since I don't use it,
but in general, can't you do this with an addon-domain or a subdomain?

To illustrate in more concrete terms, suppose your main domain is under /public_html.

You create another directory called, say, /staging (parallel to rather than under /public_html)
and replicate the whole thing under there, including, notably, /public_html/cgi-bin.
You point your add-on domain or subdomain to /staging as its document-root.

Then do all your updates and testing on the files under /staging,
and when you're satisfied, copy them over to /public_html?

If you're using databases, you'd need testing versions of those too.
I assume this Softaculous function takes care of that for you.


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