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I doubt you'll see PHP 5.3 on any of our servers any time in the near future. What the PHP manual lists and the real world are entirely two different things. There are lots of popular PHP scripts that simply do not work with PHP 5.3. Along with that you also have encoders like Zend Optimizer which do not work in PHP 5.3. So for us as well as probably almost all web hosts PHP 5.3 is a massive nightmare like the PHP4 -> PHP5 migration because user made scripts are poorly made and are not compatible and are slow to become as such.

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That is somewhat feasible but not really since Litespeed and cPanel need to all play nice with this. cPanel has no plans on supporting multiple PHP 5 versions anytime soon. Litespeed reads the httpd.conf that cPanel makes for the web server.

Also like I said the problem of the encoders not working with it. It could really cause support headaches when people try to run a script that requires a certain optimizer and it's not there.

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