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Is it possible to change an add-on domain's URL? What I mean is I have a domain but I want it to be instead of now. I have done this in the past using a different cp (Hsphere)...added the new domain in the cp and renamed the 'folder' via FTP...not sure if in cpanel it would create issues or not. If not, can it be done via administrator's panel (via support ticket)? :)

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More newbie stuff, sorry.

I did that (I didn't accept the default document root but typed the old one, ie public_html/ is that correct? If so when I load the new domainB I get forwarded, so in the browser address bar I see "" when I load, that's not how it should be?

By the way, I have since removed domainB from the add-on domains but somehow I still get the when I load (not a local cache issue, since it happens on different browsers and another computer) Something else I have to figure out, hehe :)

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Sounds like it got confusing fast eh :(?

Might be easier to diagnose this one via support ticket so we can include the actual real domain names and our guys can take a peak. Please contact them by either emailing [email protected] or logging into if you already have submitted a ticket via email and have an account.

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