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Since this a question of perhaps general interest, I'll ask it here:

Is it possible for a shared hosting user to read the cpanel webmail access logs for his site?

On the cpanel forums, the location is identified as
> cPanel, WHM, and Webmail activity is logged to /usr/local/cpanel/logs/access_log.
> The ability to review this log file is restricted to the root user.
...   The latter part appears correct since "ls /usr/local/cpanel" gives permission denied,
...   and "ls  /usr/local/cpanel/logs/" gives "no such file or directory.

Is there a way to make this accessible?
Perhaps not, if everyone's are all mixed together.

Access from a POP client would also be useful - but that might evade even any generat cpanel logs.


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Unfortunately these logs are not readable by shared users as like you mentioned it does require root access. If you're concerned about logins / unusual activity to your email address(es) our team can provide you the last login entries we have for the address(es) in question via support ticket.

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