VPS Servers Be Awesome :-)


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So when approached to upgrade my VPS Server to a Cloud Server environment that was Better, Faster and more reliable than the existing environment at maybe 2/3 the cost, I didn't get much objection from the organization I run the server for....

So we migrated in A fairly smooth migration with no hiccups, nominal downtime, and only a forgotten Softaculous installation that was discovered and fixed later.  So far, great stuff!  Quite simply, HawkHost has delivered yet again :-) more power, less cost, quite simply can't be beat!

Keep kicking butt out there guys, appreciate it!


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Glad the migration went well and you're happy with the the faster and more reliable environment at a lower cost! This is just our first step on this new offering though moving everyone to this modern platform. It also opens up many new possibilities some of which all users will benefit from and others where the more advanced users may find useful.

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