Wordpress MU (multiple user) question


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I installed wordpress mu on a sub domain and am running into some problems.

from the readme file:http://trac.mu.wordpress.org/browser/trunk/README.txt


59 ===

60 If you want to host blogs of the form http://blog.domain.tld/ where

61 domain.tld is the domain name of your machine then you must add a

62 wildcard record to your DNS records.

63 This usually means adding a "*" hostname record pointing at your

64 webserver in your DNS configuration tool.

65 Matt has a more detailed explanation:

66 http://ma.tt/2003/10/10/wildcard-dns-and-sub-domains/

I looked around cpanel at the redirects and such but can't figure our where I am suppose to put the "*" hostname record?

I cannot add a users blog. When I test set up a sign in the activate email went to "page not found" wordpress was suppose to create test.mydomain.com

Any suggestions?

Thank you, Jeff

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