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Hi Guys, its not your job to teach users networking but could you point me in the right direction to get SSH working? I've followed the video tutorial in the SSH section of the control panel using the Java tools and also tried with Putty but to no effect.

I can't even connect. When I use the Java applet I enter my control panel User Name and Password and the Java windows close, there's no confirmation text as seen in the video tutorial. When I try with Putty I enter my hostname as and even with a private key made with PuttyGen, Putty hangs and says the connection timed out.

I'm at work in a small company with no IT dept., could it be a firewall issue at this end, is it possible to block SSH from within a company network? Ultimately I'm trying to get Unison installed for backup purposes.

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Have you asked for us to enable SSH for you? By default accounts do not have SSH enabled until we're given a reason. Until then basically what happens is you put in your username and password and it tells you sorry you do not have access and it ends the session. In the java applet it may very well actually close when that happens.

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