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  1. I'm trying to reduce the number of times my email is received as Spam as I'm currently applying for jobs. I ran a test with results here at allaboutspam.com. There are only two areas that I can improve on: BATV and the server retry time for greylisting. Can I adjust those settings anywhere, I thought there might be somewhere in the hosting control panel? I use googlemail as my mail client and the account is set up as follows: Send mail as: Edwin Bradford <info[at]edwinbradford.net>. Reply-to address: Edwin Bradford <info[at]edwinbradford.net>. Mail is sent through: dal006.hawkhost.com. Secured connection on port 465 using SSL. I don't believe I can control those settings in my gmail account if I'm correct. Thanks all.
  2. ...I just received a message that large volumes of spam are being sent from my email address. Maybe that's the cause, I think you guys might have locked the account. Trying to look into it now...
  3. I received the notice about the migration and lost my email connectivity about 30mins ago. Your notice said change your settings from pluto.arandomserver.com to dal006.hawkhost.com. I've done that in gmail POP3 but it refuses password and username verification now for pluto and dal006, whichever I try. There must be some other changes required somewhere, please advise. Losing your email connectivity is a pain on a busy day.
  4. No problemo guys, I anticipated that so I went ahead and downloaded VirtualBox and *just* finished compiling Unison locally, phew. Halfway there.
  5. OK that was fixed straight away via a support ticket as expected Next I ran OCaml and got an out of memory error message: Fatal error: out of memory I posted on the Unison User Group (don't know if you need a login there) and had some really helpful feedback, the gist is they're saying its common for web hosts to limit memory and suggested running: ulimit -v or ulimit -m ...which returned 200,000 (200MB) so I'm guessing that's the cause of the error. Can you let me know if that memory cap can be released but I'm assuming not. In which case they've suggested I run a virtual machine and compile locally then just upload the pre-compiled binary. Which CentOS release version are you running, I inadvertently came across the Hawk Host blog and I think its CentOS 5 but I might as well get the release iteration 5.x. Thanks guys.
  6. I never cease to be amazed at how helpful you guys are OK that was the problem, sorry, I've never compiled before, yet alone on a remote server so couldn't tell where the problem lay. I just submitted a ticket referencing this thread, thanks Brian, hopefully I can get it working now.
  7. Hi Hawk Host, I have SSH up and running fine now via Putty on Windows, cool. I'm following a guide here on how to install Unison, a backup and sync tool I've been using locally. The first part works fine $ curl -O http://caml.inria.fr/pub/distrib/ocaml-3.10/ocaml-3.10.1.tar.bz2 $ tar jxvf ocaml-3.10.1.tar.bz2 $ cd ocaml-3.10.1 but it falters when I get to the line $ ./configure -prefix ~ The returned output is Configuring for a x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu ... gcc found Unable to compile the test program. Make sure the C compiler gcc -O is properly installed. I posted more info at linuxquestions.org but haven't had a response yet so thought I'd try you guys in case you know straight away what the reason is or have some protection enabled that would stop this from working. Very grateful for any ideas.
  8. OK, I'm back home and it works no problems. It was probably the firewall at the company I was working at, several things weren't working from inside the company. Now its working I have an unrelated problem so I'll start a new thread.
  9. No problemo, I'll wait until I'm back at home in two weeks and try it from there, I'm sure it will work just fine.
  10. Thanks, yes, I did ask and you enabled it a few months ago. I just tried to find the emails but I don't think I have them any more. If you have any means to check and see if its enabled that would be great as this is the first time I've tried to connect.
  11. Hi Guys, its not your job to teach users networking but could you point me in the right direction to get SSH working? I've followed the video tutorial in the SSH section of the control panel using the Java tools and also tried with Putty but to no effect. I can't even connect. When I use the Java applet I enter my control panel User Name and Password and the Java windows close, there's no confirmation text as seen in the video tutorial. When I try with Putty I enter my hostname as www.mydomain.net and even with a private key made with PuttyGen, Putty hangs and says the connection timed out. I'm at work in a small company with no IT dept., could it be a firewall issue at this end, is it possible to block SSH from within a company network? Ultimately I'm trying to get Unison installed for backup purposes.
  12. Well it seems you guys are right. I just rang the bank for a second time and asked them to double check the address, they started reading it out and had switched it to my parents address where I haven't lived for 20 years. I had one mail item sent there from the bank a month ago as a temporary solution as I was outside the country and they decided to switch my address there without informing me. I've reset it to my proper address and will try to pay again tomorrow. Sorry for the trouble, I had no idea they'd done this and when I rang them the first time they didn't mention anything about it.
  13. There's nothing wrong with the card, this is not a bank or card issue. It works everywhere and worked with HawkHost until the latest transaction when it suddenly got declined. Something is wrong with the credit card merchant.
  14. I also am having problems paying by credit card. I never had a problem before, suddenly my card is being declined, its Visa. I've tried several times thinking it might be the way the address is worded, but its not working. Billing support says the address for the card does not match the card but I called the bank (UK) and they said everything is fine and that if there was a problem they would have received notification the card has been declined but they've received nothing. On a side note I'm not getting all the emails from Hawk Host, I got the final one saying they'd closed the ticket as I had not replied but not the earlier ones?? Hawk Host are great so I'm baffled as to what the problems are.