FTP problem related to Titan migration?


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I can not seem to get the backups I made today, five times, to appear, for sFTP download, in FileZilla. I have restarted FileZilla, at least, 4 times between attempts to sFTP download my most recent backup.

Maybe I am missing something, but, considering the problems I have had, lately, with website(s) I have hosted by Hawkhost, I assume I am not missing something and this FileZilla sFTP issue is related, probably, to Titan server migration.

The recent backups appear in my home directory when I use cPanel, but I do not see the new backups in my home directory when I use FileZilla.

I have been using FileZilla for a long time and, almost everyday, use it for this particular website. I downloaded backups from this website's home directory, most recently, I believe on March 5, 2010, using FileZilla.

Today's backup should, based on how the others look using FileZilla, say something like "backup-3.6.2010..."

I really think my FileZilla credentials, the same ones I have been using for some time, might be logging me in to the oldtitan server, or something, instead of the new titan server. Have the sFTP login credentials changed with the Titan migration, or something.

Again, I have restarted FileZilla about 4 times while trying to download March 6, 2010 backups from my website's home directory.

The only thing I have not done is completely shutdown and restarted the computer I am using, but, honestly, considering the large amount of time I have wasted with other Hawkhost issues, I am making a support ticket before rebooting the computer entirely.

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