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Hi! Your site is loading from here and two other networks I've tested, as a result unfortunately I'm unable to replicate the redirect error you're seeing. If this issue is still happening on your side please submit a ticket at so our helpdesk team can investigate further. Thank you! :)

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I am guessing here, but this sounds like a  redirection loop;
that is. there is a redirect which eventually comes back to itself.

The obvious place to look is all your .htaccess files.
If the problem is not immediately obvious, then remove rewrite or redirect directives
until the problem goes away, and then you will know what needs to be corrected.

Alternatively, remove all of them, and then add them back in until the problem appears.

To make this go quickly, start with half of them.  Then you will narrow it down to which half.
Divide that group into two smaller groups and repeat the process until you find the bad one(s).

I observe that http://(the site) redirects to https://(the site), which might provide a good starting place to look.

The redirect loop might also occur on some other page than the home page.

Here's a site that provides some specific tips on what to do:

A google search on ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS will reveal other sites with helpful information.

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