Enable Object Cache in WordPress with Redis

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Hello! Can you please confirm which settings should we use in order to enable Object Cache in our WordPress sites with Redis?

Following these instructions (, in our HawkHost CPanel:

  • Server Application Manager -> Redis enabled.
  • PHP Selector | extensions -> Redis active.

In our WordPress plugins, I have set up these settings:

  • Method: Redis
  • Host: /home/ourusername/.applicationmanager/redis.sock
  • Port: 0 (As HawkHost uses UNIX)
  • Default Object Lifetime: 360 seconds
  • Password: (leave blank)
  • Redis Database ID: 0

Also these options enabled:

  • Persistent Connection: ON
  • Store Transients: ON

I have tested with and But with both, right now I'm getting that Redis Extension: Disabled/Not Found, so any assistance would be really appreciated. Many thanks!

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