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  1. Never happends to me. Well, it happends when I overload the site with updating many wordpress sites to newest version or uploading a bunch of photos into wordpress gallery. Never happened with phpbb forums though.
  2. Can I have some extensions for domain Y and other extensions on domain X? Is the default extensions the same for ea and alt?
  3. Thanks. Can I change for each domain? I use multiphp manager. Is the default alt extensions the same as ea?
  4. Hi. How do I change extensions when using alt-php? Do u recommend using ea or alt? alt have php 7.3 while ea only have 7.2
  5. I can assure you hawk host will meet your demands. I have a lot sites on my account with zero problem.
  6. Changed back to standard phpbb cache. The site got 3 times faster.
  7. Thanks. I searched google for a test script but I didn´t quite understand it... Do you have a small php script I could test it with? Or maybe enter the code here and I paste it into a test.php
  8. Added this is phpp config.php $acm_type = 'memcached'; define('PHPBB_ACM_MEMCACHED_HOST', 'unix:///home/username/.applicationmanager/memcached.sock'); define('PHPBB_ACM_MEMCACHED_PORT', 0); But how do I know if memcached is working? The memcached.sock is zero bytes.
  9. Phpbb 3.2.2 have been released. Anyone knows how to enable memcached for it? https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2453381 As a minor feature addition, phpBB now also supports Memcached caching. Is there a connection between memcached in php 7.2 and the one in application manager?
  10. Hi. I want to change php for a add-on domain, but ea-php72 is not there. I can only choose alt-php72 What´s the difference between ea and alt?
  11. Hi. I added sites ditectly through cloudflare.com, not through cpanel. And then pointed nameservers to cloudflare. You do not need cpanel plugin for wordpress. But it gives you the best optimized settings for wordpress and it automatically purges pages after you have published and/or edited them.
  12. I am using these pluging: https://wordpress.org/plugins/cloudflare/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/litespeed-cache/ What do you mean by full or limited? CNAME www is an alias of mydomain.com (the cloud must be orange, not grey) A record: name; mydomain.com; value is the IP. The cloud musy be orange. Works like a charm
  13. 1. Set SSL to full (strict). Working perfect here. 2. I use litespeed plugin together with cloudflare. I also have the official cloudflare plugin.