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I know this question is a bit general and you probably can't give an absolute answer.  But as a general ball park recommendation...  If someone has an average small business website - say 6 pages, built on WordPress.  In terms of monthly visitors, what kind of traffic is shared hosting (let's say the "Professional" tier plan you offer) intended to handle?  At what point would it be worth while to really consider an upgrade to one of you higher plans?  Just trying to plan ahead, and thought it would be helpful to get an "expert" opinion on how to look at this!  Thanks! 

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Take a look at https://support.hawkhost.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/180/0/how-many-visitors-can-your-hosting-plans-support as it may give you a general answer to the question.

With that said it really is hard to put a number on the visitors you can handle. A basic WordPress site without any resource intensive plugins that has been properly optimized could do hundreds of thousands of unique visitors in a month, likely more. For example if you used WordPress but also installed the Litespeed caching plugin and served most requests without relying on PHP then you could likely handle more visitors than that per month since that would be a low resource site.

We do offer users the ability to track their accounts CPU, memory, disk I/O, and process usage at any time. The interface also provides historical data and snapshots so if you feel your site is slow the best place to start is by checking your resource usage. If you find you're hitting any of the limits then you'd want to start considering an upgrade to a higher tier plan.

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