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I looked on their site and I see no mention of a limit on concurrent connections nor a process limit although I'm sure one is set do you know the limit?  As far as our limits we have a limit of 20 processes and 25 MySQL processes on our shared web hosting packages and more than that on our semi dedicated packages.  We are always evaluating if our values are appropriate still of course but you also need to remember it's shared web hosting.  These limits are in place to create a more stable environment and having extremely high and inappropriate limits could lead to an overall poorer experience even though your control panel may say you have more available resources. The limits we have in place are strictly for PHP, Perl, Ruby, Node.JS, Python etc..  We have extremely high limits on our web servers and you could easily serve over 2000 requests/sec. 

In our blog post  we were able to make a Wordpress site go from 5.46 requests/sec to 1839.98 requests/sec simply by utilizing caching.  This strategy could be used on many other web sites as well or even just utilized if you expect a large amount of traffic in a short period of time.

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15 hours ago, Draka said:

Thanks for the fast reply.

They offer 50 concurrent connections and 25 mysql. I/o 5mb.


Thanks for the info about caching wordpress. Right now i'm using cloudflare.

We'll take into consideration our process limits but I should mention that realistically no normal use case could a user max out their process limit before hitting memory limits.  Here's what you could utilize in both cases:

20 processes - 51.2MB per process
50 processes - 20.48MB per process.

We see even the most lightweight Wordpress installation use 30MB per process.  Typically installations are over 50MB+ in usage due to the extra plugins being utilized.  There can be some memory usage improvements from using PHP 7.1 instead of the typical 5.6 (plugin compatibility continues to be a problem for some users).

Unless you're launching a lot of tiny processes that use no CPU/memory I wouldn't even worry about process limits.

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