Updating SPF Records Can it Be Done Automatically?


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Noticed today my IP Address for my outgoing mail changed.  No big deal typically, but it knocked my SPF Record out of whack and was hurting my outgoing email's spam score with a soft fail on SPF.

Is there an easy way to automate this to "Anything Hawkhost changed my IP to for outgoing mail, I promise it's not Spam.  If it's anything else but that server drop that crappy email like a hot potato."

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The best solution would be to add an include to your spf record to include "_spf.arandomserver.com" .  This encompasses all our mailing IP's so you'd never need to worry about it again.  Any new account with us actually has this record added automatically.

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Going to try this then:


v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:<<primary server IP Address>> +a:_spf.arandomserver.com +mx:_spf.arandomserver.com +ip4:<<current server IP Address>> +ip4:<<Prior server IP Address>> ~all

(deliberately snipped IP Addresses)

Thing that's durable enough?

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Actually after still some more tinkering, this works like a charm:


v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4:<<primary IP Address>> +include:_spf.arandomserver.com -all


Also note the -all, so there are no soft fails.  If you're not _spf.arandomserver.com you can reject.

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