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I've been attempting to use the Domain Aliases feature of SpamExperts to forward mail from my addon domains to my primary domain, while maintaining spam protection.  (The Default Address and Domain Forwarder features in cPanel seem to send mail directly to my mail server, bypassing the SpamExperts server.)

Domain Aliases work, and seem to do what I want.  However, for any of the addon domains for which I've ever previously accessed SpamExperts (via cPanel), I get a "domain already exists" error when trying to set up a Domain Alias under my primary domain's SpamExperts account.  I assume this is because initially accessing SpamExperts for an addon domain sets up a SpamExperts account for that domain, plus MX records and whatever else.  Similarly, when I try to access SpamExperts via cPanel for an addon domain that has already been set up as a Domain Alias under my primary, I get a "domain already exists" error.

Long question short:  is there a way of deleting the SpamExperts account for an addon domain, so that I can switch from "stand alone" operation to Domain Alias operation, or vice versa?

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Unfortunately you would need us to delete the SpamExperts account for the add-on domains as the only other way to remove them is actually to remove the add-on domain itself from cPanel currently.  What you'll need to do is open a ticket with our support team and it'll be escalated to our system administration team who will handle deleting the domains from SpamExperts for you.

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