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  1. meeotch

    SpamExperts Domain Aliases

    Awesome, thanks!
  2. meeotch

    SpamExperts Domain Aliases

    I've been attempting to use the Domain Aliases feature of SpamExperts to forward mail from my addon domains to my primary domain, while maintaining spam protection. (The Default Address and Domain Forwarder features in cPanel seem to send mail directly to my mail server, bypassing the SpamExperts server.) Domain Aliases work, and seem to do what I want. However, for any of the addon domains for which I've ever previously accessed SpamExperts (via cPanel), I get a "domain already exists" error when trying to set up a Domain Alias under my primary domain's SpamExperts account. I assume this is because initially accessing SpamExperts for an addon domain sets up a SpamExperts account for that domain, plus MX records and whatever else. Similarly, when I try to access SpamExperts via cPanel for an addon domain that has already been set up as a Domain Alias under my primary, I get a "domain already exists" error. Long question short: is there a way of deleting the SpamExperts account for an addon domain, so that I can switch from "stand alone" operation to Domain Alias operation, or vice versa?
  3. meeotch

    spamexperts questions

    btw (unrelated) - there seems to be no way of getting an email notification when someone responds to a thread you've posted. I'm following this thread, and have all email notifications turned on. When I click on the "Following" button in the upper right of the thread, "notification when new content is posted" is selected. However, when I then click on "change how the notification is sent" and it takes me to the notifications settings page, I see that the "Someone comments on something I follow" option is highlighted in red and both email & browser options are locked out by the administrator. (I've also got "Notify me of replies" turned on as I post this message.)
  4. meeotch

    spamexperts questions

    Thanks for the info. (And yes, I have disabled SPF checking via SpamExperts.) I set up a filter to catch senders who are ignoring the MX records, and I discovered a couple of things. Hopefully, this info will be useful to someone in the future: Using "All Headers" and matching against "SpamExperts" works in the test box on the cPanel filter page, but doesn't seem to actually work in practice. I don't know why this is. I looked at the filter.yaml file that was produced, and it was using the exim variable $message_headers, which claims to be "all the headers concatenated". You'd think that this would include the text of the header names, and thus "SpamExperts" would work as a match term, but it didn't. My solution to this was to match the "All Headers" against the *name* of the SpamExperts server, which shows up in the *values* of a couple different headers. Messages sent locally (so, from one of my domains to another) *do* show up with SpamExperts headers, but *don't* seem to match the rule above correctly. Again, no idea why. I solved it by adding an additional "From does not contain" line with my own domain as the search term. Messages sent to a mailing list at one of my domains do *not* seem to pass through SpamExperts at all. Had to add an additional filter line to allow these to pass. Messages sent to my addon domains via default address forwarding do *not* pass through SpamExperts. Had to add a filter line for every one of my addon domains. The last point above is the only one I'm really worried about. It seems like allowing all default address mail to pass without spam filtering is a bad idea. I suspect that I could fix it by turning off default addresses @ creating specific email addresses at my eight addon domains - but that's sort of a pain in the ass, and requires remembering which addresses are in use at each domain.
  5. meeotch

    spamexperts questions

    Thanks for the reply. w.r.t. Gmail: my intention in forwarding was to cut down on the work of manually checking spam for false positives. I've found that Gmail's filters are pretty good, and by using them as a "second line of defense", I'm able to just ignore the spam box altogether, as gmail will let me know when it spots a misclassified ham message. Anyway, it's a lot easier than scanning many dozens of spam manually, and it reduces the false positive rate. (For instance, I found that SpamExperts was producing false positives based on "SPF" almost 50% of the time, so I turned off SPF in the Filter Settings.) It's odd that Gmail is silently dumping so much of the forwarded spam, though. With the same setup at my previous ISP (SpamAssassin as "first defense" instead of SpamExperts), Gmail would accumulate spam at the rate of a couple dozen per day. But with the current setup, almost nothing gets through. I wonder if Gmail is finding something in the headers that get forwarded from SpamExperts that it doesn't like? (Or alternatively, a spam flag header that it trusts so much that it doesn't even bother scanning & filing the mail away in the Spam folder.) I know... good luck getting Google to tell me. I'll investigate the filter trick you mentioned. So if I'm understanding correctly, the "Any Header" choice will actually match against the full text of the headers, including their names? (As opposed to just their values, I mean.) (EDIT: I've also discovered that night SpamExperts domain reports don't have SpamExperts headers, which makes sense, so one should make sure to add a filter line that handles that case.)
  6. meeotch

    spamexperts questions

    To follow up on this thread: I did ultimately get spam forwarding working by setting a Subject line tag for spam in SpamExperts, and filtering on that on the cPanel side. Interestingly, the Gmail address to which I was forwarding suspected spam ended up silently discarding the vast majority of the forwarded mail. Didn't even send it to the Gmail Junk folder, it just disappeared into the ether. I've also noticed that I'm getting a number of spam messages that arrive with no SpamExperts headers *at all*. Is this the result of spammers mailing directly to the server that runs my site and ignoring the MX records that normally send everything through SpamExperts? If so, is it possible/reasonable to enable SpamAssassin as a second line of defense against these direct mailings? Does SpamAssassin run directly on the webserver, or does it involve an MX redirect the way SpamExperts does?
  7. meeotch

    webmail port

    Can someone html-savvy tell me if there's a way to set up a "wrapper" page for that hides the redirect to I've found that I can no longer access my webmail from work since switching to hawkhost, presumably because non-standard ports are blocked. At my old hosting company, webmail (which looked very similar: roundcube, cpanel, etc.) always displayed in the address bar, and was reachable from my corporate network.
  8. meeotch

    spamexperts questions

    Awesome - thanks. I'll check it out. One thing I think I noticed is that there's no "custom header" choice when setting up an email filter. The spamassassin headers are in there, but the spamexperts ones are not. I could use the "any header" choice, probably - though I could see where that might lead to mis-filtered mail.
  9. meeotch

    spamexperts questions

    A couple of questions regarding the spamexperts setup at HH: Is it possible to login directly to spamexperts for a given addon domain, without first logging in to cPanel? Is there a way of reporting spam/ham directly, by forwarding the mail in question to a specific address? (Other than the thunderbird plugin, which only does spam.) If you mistakenly report the wrong email, is there a way to unreport spam/ham? I couldn't find anything in the SE interface. If the quarantine is OFF, so that all mail is forwarded through, is there a way to flag spam in the subject line, as there is with "unsure" mail? After being processed by SE, mail arrives at HH's servers & is processed there as usual - i.e., filters/forwarders are applied, etc. - correct?
  10. meeotch

    uptime reports / server stats

    I see... that's too bad. As a follow-up: are refunds vis-a-vis your SLA processed automatically, then? Or does the user have to set up his own external monitoring in order to keep track of the uptime guarantee? (And will those stats be accepted as valid for this purpose?)
  11. Hi - prospective customer here. Does HH maintain a public uptime / server stats page? I wasn't able to find one, and the link to Pingdom in an older post seems to be broken. It would be great to get info on uptime & server loads prior to signing up. My current host has had all sorts of problems in that area, and they blow their "99.9% uptime guarantee" virtually every month. (Albeit only by a few tenths of a percent.)
  12. meeotch

    mod_gzip or mod_deflate

    Are either mod_gzip or mod_deflate enabled at Hawk Host?