So a year in with a VPS and a Individual Hosting account


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So on Hawkhost right now:

---I have my personal shared space for my blog, few project sites, etc.

---For a non-profit I volunteer at, we have a VPS for our website that I help manage 


Also as well (not on Hawkhost) I manage a website for a large government agency on their own infrastructure, and have seen much in my 20 years experience on the interwebs.




Of both of these has been nothing shy of amazing, the VPS server just doesn't quit no matter what kind of load we throw at it.  We're fairly quiet most of the time but at certain times of the year we spike.  Never an issue.  My blog has never had any noticeable degradation either, just purrs like a kitten.  Compare it to the big website I manage who gives me grief every now and again performance wise and I'm grateful Hawkhost doesn't give me much grief.



It really is nice going back to my non-profit's director's and telling them that I've had no unplanned downtime incidents since we've had the site :-)  can't say that about the government agency I also work with...


In conclusion: It just works out here :-)


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