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Can someone html-savvy tell me if there's a way to set up a "wrapper" page for mydomain.com/webmail that hides the redirect to https://cobra.hawkhost.com:2096?

I've found that I can no longer access my webmail from work since switching to hawkhost, presumably because non-standard ports are blocked.  At my old hosting company, webmail (which looked very similar:  roundcube, cpanel, etc.) always displayed mydomain.com/webmail in the address bar, and was reachable from my corporate network.

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Good morning!

You should be able to access webmail using https://webmail.yourdomain.com -- you're going to get a certificate warning because you're accessing over SSL and the FQDN isn't one that our mail/server SSL certificate is issued for. You can safely accept the cert though since you know it's valid in this case. Accessing webmail using that URL should get you around the blocked ports on your local network. Hope this helps!

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