Creating a virtual submdomain and redirection?


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Let's say I have two domains. and

domainA is merely use as a 301 redirect to domainB. So, I want to use domainA to create virtual subdomains -- is this possible?

For example, would redirect to

I used the code below (as a hypothetical example), but it didn't work.

I tested but it gives me an error (page not found).

RewriteCond {HTTP_HOST} !^$

RewriteCond {HTTP_HOST} ^([a-zA-Z]+)$

RewriteRule ^.*$

The other way is to manually create a subdomain on each time by logging into Cpanel, but I don't want to do that each time for hundreds of subdomains.

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Didn't work.

I went to cpanel > Subdomains.

Let's say my main domain is

I see that there's

So, for the subdomain input text, I put * and the document root is public_html/ will contain the .htaccess of my script.

I tested but got a page not found error.

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