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To expand on this a little, before becoming a reseller it may be helpful to:

1) Define what kind of support you'll provide to your customers

2) Learn more about what Hawkhost will/will not support to help you In a nutshell they'll help with the server stuff though they tend to shy away from application things, aka Wordpress crashed when you're a reseller.  The expectation is you provide the application help.

3) So between that, identify where the gaps are and be prepared for that by augmenting your support or busting out the "for dummies" and learning say Wordpress yourself.  Disclaim what you won't do to the customer.

This reallly should be key for any reseller lest you "leave a customer hanging" and wind up with him flittering off to a more value packed reseller (or even hawkhost directly) annoyed that you can't help.  Determine what your "value" will be as a reseller, or why come to you as opposed to just going to Hawkhost directly?

Disclaimer/About me:  Not affiliated with Hawkhost but have been employed by many a web hosting company and ran a small web hosting company myself in my past.


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